Is there a prescription that produces an effective turn-around?  That’s the question that needs to be asked in lots of places.  According to Peter Drucker there is a standard three step process.  Now…he didn’t say it was an easy three step process.  Because it’s not.  Definitely tough.  Here are the three steps:

  1. "Abandonment of the things that don’t work."  Obviously this will be a tough step in lots of places.  But think about the practicality of that simple step!  And it could actually be productive all on its own.  Just the hard work of thinking through the definition of "things that don’t work" would be a great first step!
  2. Concentration of the things that do work.  This is a very narrow the focus kind of thing.  But amazing the impact of focusing on what works.
  3. Analysis of the half-successes, the half-failures.  Is there a part of what you’re doing that is worth developing?    Is there a reason that a good idea isn’t working completely?

For more on the idea, pick up a copy of The Daily Drucker (February 18).

Three Steps to an Effective Turn-Around