I started at San Diego State University as a Business major.  Tried but couldn’t pass their self-starter version of Intermediate Algebra.  Tried three times and dropped it all three times.  Switched to English and the rest is history.  But I never lost interest in the world of business, especially leadership, innovation, strategy and change.  So I don’t remember exactly why I picked up a copy of In Search of Excellence, but I still have my marked up, wet from the pool, falling apart at the spine copy.  Because of that read I’ve maintained an interest in the business genre and Tom Peters remains a favorite over 20 years later.

So when I saw this interview with Tom over on the Author Blog I thought you might like it too.  Here’s Tom Peters on writing and speaking.

And here’s a great quote that he led with when asked how he got into writing and speaking in the first place:

Few leaders want to be leaders.  They are compelled to be leaders to fix something they don’t like.  Warren Bennis (attributed by Tom Peters)

Tom Peters on Writing and Speaking