I was looking at our numbers for the last 3 years the other day.  What I noticed is that everytime we’ve bumped against a certain level…we’ve dropped back down 10 to 20%.  We’re at that level again.

Seth Godin’s blog has an interesting comparison of the traffic on yahoo and google over the last two years.  His post is titled "Attention, Trends and Value."  What he points out, and that is so much about our own situation, is that there is a trend and it’s obvious and yahoo might not be paying attention.  But analysts and investors obviously have, which is why google’s stock has had such a big run in the last few weeks.

Keeping an eye on the numbers is important no matter what business you’re in.  Not sure there’s anywhere that numbers matter more than in the people reaching business.  So what that says is that we better be watching for logjams, for breakthrough opportunities, for deja vu all over again.  And then doing something about it.  Why?  People matter.  Every person matters.  Think there’s a parable that makes the point?  There’s more than one.

Are you paying attention to attendance ceilings?  To the numbers?