Have you ever really looked at your marketing materials?  Maybe even sat down with a potential customer and watched them take a look at the piece you’ve designed to tell them about your service or product?  I took a serious look at a piece we were using was amazed at how focused it was.  Only one problem…it was focused on the wrong person!  It was focused on us.  And it should have been focused on our potential customer.  As I looked it over I realized it only swung around to their perspective one time in the whole piece.  Not good.

Tom Asacker has a good take on this idea today in his new series of posts.  This paragraph really hit the nail on the head:

It’s really quite simple: If you want people to pay attention to your communication, you must tune into their frequency. Their current situation. Their anxieties, desires and fears. Establish an emotional bond based on your audience’s feeling of finally having been understood by someone. Because if people feel that you are genuinely interested in them, they’ll be much more likely to open up and interact with you, and give you the information that you need. So stop, sit down and scrutinize every single piece of company communication, from sales presentations to annual reports. Do they speak to your audience in terms of what’s most important to them? Do they speak with passion and caring and energy? Will they make their eyes grow wide and pulse quicken?

That’s a healthy challenge.  What if we did that?  What if we sat down and scrutinized every piece of company communication and asked those questions?  I think there’d be three takeaways.  First, we’d have to trash a lot of what we’re using.  Second, we’d have to work really hard to come up with better copy.  And third, we’d connect at a much deeper and better level with the people we’re trying to reach.

Let’s try it!  What do you think?

You can read Tom’s whole post here.

Tuning In To The Right Frequency