How many one-time visitors do you have in a month…in a year?  What’s their experience like?  Does it remain a one-time thing?  If not, what are you actually doing to turn them into lifelong guests–and customers?

According to Chocolates on the Pillow Aren’t Enough, the first step is "making entry into the organization easy, pleasant, and fun (p. 45)."

So…the question is, when someone checks out your organization for the first time, is it any of those things?   Interesting to think that you could actually design the experience of your first time visitors to be those things.  Easy.  Pleasant.  Fun.  It’s a little bit like thinking steps, not programs.  What would you have to do?  Why not start with easy?  You could focus some good hard thinking on removing all of the obstacles that stand in the way of an easy experience.  Your web presence would have to be really clear.  Brand new users should be able to find what they need without being a genius.  You might need signage that clears up any and all confusion about what to do.  Parking might need to be adjusted.  You might need a really good information kiosk. 

There’d be a lot of hard work.  But you can see that it could really be done.  To make it easy.  Could you do the same thing with pleasant and fun?  Not only could you do it…you better!  That is, if you want your one-time visitors to become lifelong guests…and customers.

Turning One-Time Visitors into Lifelong Guests and Customers