What do you think about Twitter?  Are you trying it?  Have you thought about it and put it off?  Are you thinking, “Twitter?  Is that some kind of bird call?”

I’m trying it.  A little tough getting into the swing of putting up useful tweets.  Not hard at all putting up ridiculous tweets (I’m in the back yard with Max…the dalmatian).  But is that a ridiculous tweet?

If you’re using it…how are you using it?  If you’re reading this in India…what do you think about it?  And while we’re on the subject, if you want to get the latest tweet you can get it right here.

Twitter? Anyone? Anyone?
  • It will be interesting to read your take on Twitter.
    The concept seems to feed into my attention span issues that I already work on daily.
    Thanks Mark for being the lab rat!
    Keep creating…even when no one is looking,

  • I’ve found Problogger’s post pretty helpful on how to use twitter. You can check it out right here