A couple years ago Dan Roam published a book called The Back of the Napkin.  Loved it!  I wrote a review on it and have used the ideas extensively in my consulting work.

I got my copy of Roam’s follow-up, Unfolding the Napkin earlier this week.  Let me tell you right now, if you didn’t pick up the earlier book, you need this one!  If you lead any kind of meeting that involves brain-storming, if you lead a team or are part of a team that looks for solutions, if you’re a consultant…you need Unfolding the Napkin.

I love the way it’s set up!  Designed as a do-it-at-home version of one of Roam’s Back of the Napkin workshops, the book gives you the tools you need to become a proficient visual thinker.  Better yet?  Maybe you move in the direction of making your whole team better!

Unfolding the Napkin
  • That did it! You sold me.

    I’ll be getting my copy.

    Thanks, as always for sharing what you are learning Mark. You embody the generous web. Or maybe you represent simply a generous Christian? Both?

    Keep creating…and recreating,