Ever find yourself wading into a discussion and realizing that there’s actually a discussion that should have happened first…like you can’t even finish the current discussion productively without clarifying?  You know what I mean right?  You can finish the current discussion but you know in the back of your mind that any decision will be full of unspoken caveats.

Need an example?  How about this one.  You’re in a discussion about a product and you realize mid-conversation that it’s actually a product that perfectly meets the needs of your current customer segment, but in a separate meeting you’ve stated your intention to target an unreached and much larger niche.  So…the whole discussion takes place but in your mind you’re inserting caveats: "That would be great if we were only targeting that customer segment."

Make sense?

What do you do about it?  Make time for the preliminary conversation.

Unspoken Caveats and Preliminary Conversations
  • Good observation Mark.
    I was facilitating a conversation today and at several points the participants wanted to race ahead to a conversation that the required us to finish and reach some conclusions essential to the “conversation” some wanted to have.
    I was.
    Sometimes you just got to cling to the simple solid ground of first things first.
    Keep creating…the right conversation,

  • Yes! Great illustration! So often, especially when we’re joining a conversation or a process that has a history, there’s a missing piece that we see but the rest of the crew doesn’t.