As with many things, the key to developing strategy is asking the right questions.  There are several questions that are wrapped up within the process of developing a strategic plan.  Think about your organization as you look over these questions:

  • What?  This is the vision question.  What will our future look like?  What will we accomplish?  What is our dream with a deadline?
  • Why?  This is the mission question.  Why do we exist?  Why is our vision important?
  • Who and When?  These are the goals questions.  Who will do what?  When will they do it?
  • How?  Strategy answers this question.  How will we achieve our goals?  How will our vision bring our mission to life?

Now here’s my question: When you think about your vision and mission, does your strategy answer the right questions?  More often than not I’m finding that organizations have a vision statement and may even have a sense of their mission…but they’ve never really defined a workable strategy that will get them to their dream.  Instead, their what (vision) gets hijacked by urgent opportunities that don’t necessarily lead to where they dream of going.

How about you?  Does your organization have a well thought out strategy that leads to vision?  You’ve got to have it.  Because vision without strategy is just a pipe dream.

Vision Without Strategy Is…