Every been in a situation where everything around you is obviously changing…but the organization itself is locked in some kind of time warp?  If you’ve ever been there, it’s an unforgettable experience.  Then again, maybe you’re in one right now!

The question is, "What do you do?"  What do you do when your organization is stuck and not adapting or changing to fit the realities around it?

Turning the Future Into Revenue has a great exercise for this situation.  Status Quo Scenario.  Here are the steps:

  • Evaluate the realities outside of your organization as best you can.  This may involve demographic awareness, Gallup information, psycho-graphic data, etc.
  • Once you’ve completed the info gathering stage, ask this question: "Ten years from now, what do we look like, assuming that the external environment changes in the ways we have forecast and imagined, while internally we make no fundamental changes?  What if we keep doing what we do now?  Describe our enterprise at a future date if we maintain the status quo?" (pp. 147-148)

This is an exercise that would be so helpful…if it weren’t for the eyes-closed-to-the-truth posture found in some of the places where change is desperately needed.

What about your organization?  Does it make sense to gather the data and conduct the exercise?

What Happens When Everything Changes and Nothing Changes?