What can actually pull off as a marketer or a leader?  Can you really expect to please everybody?  No.  Can you really expect to satisfy all segments?  No.  Can you pull broadly from across demographics?  No.

You’ve got to love Seth Godin’s take on marketing and leadership.  Here’s his take on the two choices of every marketer or leader:

The first is to realize that people will never ever be satisfied
with you, they’ll even whine when you give away something for free.
Embrace the whining and realize that this attitude gives you an
opportunity to answer the question with, "no! Wait, there’s more!"

The second is to understand that a hug and a smile from a true friend is it. Along
the way, marketers of stuff have tried to offer that stuff as a
replacement to the thing that
children/consumers/employees/customers/spouses really seek, which is
connection and meaning and belonging and love.

Can’t be all things to all people.  Can provide the good stuff for your customer.  Isn’t it joyous when it happens?

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