Interested in learning about strategy?  Got 12 minutes?  If you do, be sure and listen to this interview with Michael Porter.  He’s got a new article out called The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy.  Very interesting stuff.  I know a lot of my readers would say, "We’re not in competition," (and some would actually mean it) but this is also really interesting from the angle of how well your team understands what you’re trying to do.

Want a taste?  Check out this quote from the interview.

"Strategy is completely useless…unless the results of the strategy process, the position that you choose to occupy, the way you’re going to drive your company is well understood, quite broadly. The number one purpose of strategy is alignment.  To get all the people in the organization making good choices, reinforcing each other’s choices, because everybody is pursuing a common value proposition, a common way of gaining competitive advantage."

Here’s today’s question: If you interviewed the key players on your team, would they all agree on what you’re trying to do and how it impacts their department?

What is the Purpose of Strategy?