Has there ever been a more viral idea than what we often call the good news?  I don’t know.  I doubt it.  But I do know this:  Seth Godin is very creative and regularly comes up with some of the very best marketing ideas.  In today’s post he talks about what makes an idea viral?  And by viral he means the passing on of an idea in a way that’s similar to the way a virus is transmitted.  Great definition of viral marketing over on Wikipedia (if you haven’t run across Wikipedia yet, it’s another post, very cool, and just check it out).

What do you think about what he’s saying here?  And is what you’re doing likely to be transmitted virally?


What Makes an Idea Viral?
  • How to Spread the Word

    Seth shows us how to spread great ideas in his post on viral ideas. He should know – after all he wrote the book! Here is the money quote: “For an idea to spread, it needs to be sent and