Yesterday I was working on what is an important idea: Do you know where you are…really.  And it is really important.  Earlier this year I wrote about getting from here to there, kind of using the metaphor of having a destination in mind when you enter the mall.  You stop at the Directions sign at the entrance, find the little star that says "you are here", and then figure out how to get where you’re going.  So far, so good.  Only one problem.  What if you’re looking at the map and the star is in the wrong place?  Or if you’re looking at a little red star that some kid stuck there as a prank?  How’s it going to work out?

The problem we’re all dealing with has to do with how accurate our understanding is of where we are really.  And by that I mean what is true about the things going on in your life.  All of us have things that inform how well we do at what we’re trying to do, how we get along with people, how well we stay focused on the task, how well we communicate, etc.  It’s very difficult to actually know where you are.

So…how do you figure it out?  I think there are several important pieces.

  • You need to do some hard work to personally understand your capabilities.  For example, you might work your way through Now, Discover Your Strengths, by Marcus Buckingham.  That would set you on a good path.  You might take an inventory like  the Myers-Briggs or a DISC Assessment.  You might just begin to do some thoughtful reading, such as Steve Roesler’s Thinking About a Mid-Career Change?  Work in this area will help you begin to understand your wiring.
  • You also need to take advantage of the input of people who know you well.  Feedback from this group is very important.  In fact, without it you’re much more likely to think you actually understand where the red star is.  And be wrong.

So, how do you activate the second step?  Tomorrow.  Come back tomorrow.

Where Am I…Really