Where do you think your customer’s experience begins?  According to Clued In : How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again "experiences don’t simply start at your doorway, phone center, or Web site.  Customer’s experiences often begin long before they physically encounter the first tangible outposts of your organization (p. 131)."  The example cited is that the experience for Progressive Auto Insurance customers begins before they pick up the phone to call a claims representative.  The experience begins at the moment of impact.  In other words, the scene of the accident is an earlier part of their experience.

Yesterday’s post over on Monday Morning Insight had an interesting segment by Andy Stanley writing that "The sermon starts in the parking lot. You are the introduction." In other words, if our members haven’t created a positive impression and if they haven’t been won in our worship, by the time I get up there, our visitors have pretty much determined if they’re going to listen or not."  Read the whole post here.  I love it!


Where Does the Experience Begin?