Stuck organizations ask the question over and over. “How can we get out of the rut we’re in? Why can’t we come up with a game-changing innovation that is more than incremental?”

Are you there?  When you look at your organization, are you looking for a way out of a rut?  You may need to look outside your own industry; outside of your own field.

One of my favorite books in the last 10 years is Mavericks at Work by Bill Taylor and Polly Labarre.  Easily one of the most marked up, dog-eared books in my library.  Bill Taylor, a co-founder of Fast Company, has a short article today over at the Harvard Publishing blog that focuses on what he refers to as, “The New Logic of R&D: Rip Off and Duplicate.”  Essentially a reference to Henry Ford’s well-known grab of the assembly line process after observing its inner workings at a meatpacking plant, Taylor observes that this is where many industries and organizations need to go.  Why?

The message is as simple as it is powerful: Ideas that are routine in one industry can be downright revolutionary when they migrate to another industry, especially when those ideas challenge the prevailing assumptions and conventional wisdom that have come to define so many industries.

The question might be, what are the ideas that are routine elsewhere that would change the game for yours?  You can read the whole article right here.

Where Will You Find The Game-Changing Idea?
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