Do you know where you’ll go this year?  What about who you’ll be at the end of the year?  A bad attitude yesterday afternoon coupled with looking at a journal notation from July ’05 made me realize that I’m still pretty much the same dad and husband that frequently loses sight of not only the big picture but the very specific kind of person I want to be.  I really don’t want to be the kind of dad that gets scrooge-like when one of my kids asks for a hot chocolate…the adult cup, not the kid’s cup.  And I don’t want to be the kind of dad that’s mean when my daughter wants one too.  And I definitely don’t want to be the husband that gets an attitude when his wife needs another sugar for her coffee.  So…who am I likely to be at the end of the year?  Left to my own devices, probably pretty close to the way I am today..and the way I was last July.  Dohhhhhhh!

Which brings up today’s post over at Creating Passionate Users.  If I compartmentalize my life into a set of characteristics, could I come up with definite characteristics that need to be developed?  Yes.  What would they be?  I’m working on it.  But take a look at Kathy Sierra’s.  The cool representation as graphic equalizer helps.  But the idea is good by itself.  Her areas are optimism, meanness, flow, design, learning, black and white thinking, ego, and stores.  Then the EQ slider is set according to where it is right now and another for where she wants it to be.

One I need to add to my EQ is meanness.  I’d like to be at -10, but I’m definitely in the positive.  And I need to reduce.  Now if someone other than me was in total control of the slider.  Actually, I’m glad there is someone prompting me to give up control of the slider and become the kind of person I’d be if Jesus were in my body.


Where Will You Go This Year?