QuadrantsIf you’ve been around StrategyCentral for any time at all you know that I like to draw to explain concepts.  I’ve been trying to explain to some friends the importance of being clear about who your customer is and this is a drawing I’ve used to do it.  It’s a basic way of segmenting a market.  Last night…in the middle of the night…I woke up realizing that this drawing only partially explains the situation.  In order to fully understand how your messaging is being heard you have to also think about how familiar your customer is with the ideas you’re sharing.

Think about "exposure to the message."  If you’re saying the same things to both ends of the continuum, you can be sure that it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone.  In fact, the people who are the newest to the idea, or have yet to try it, may even be turned off by the way you’re saying it to long-time customers.  At the same time, you must keep in mind that the drawing and the market size it illustrates is not to scale.  Which is larger?  Hopefully, the potential customer segment that hasn’t tried it yet.  Who are most of us talking to?  The smallest segment…the already convinced.

Who Can Hear What You’re Saying?