I went to Willow for the first time in February, 1991.  It was a "trajectory adjustment".  One of the most memorable breakouts was a talk given by Jim Dethmer on strategy.  Although I’d already consumed In Search of Excellence, it really was the first time I’d heard a church talk about their mission, strategy and customer using the easily transferable language of the corporate world.  I loved the clarity and focus of their purpose and the sense that they knew exactly who they were trying to reach.  It was for me a defining moment.

One of the blogs I read is Monday Morning Insight and there’s a link today to a Dallas Morning News article about Prestonwood’s plans to go multi-site. 

"We exist for people we have yet to reach," he said. If driving distances are a barrier in these burgeoning communities, Dr. Graham said, the church is coming to them."

That’s clarity.  "We exist for people we have yet to reach."  Takes me back.  I love it!

For more on churches having primary customers, check out Who I Your Primary Customer, Designed for the Wrong Target or my main takeaway from the Dethmer talk in 1991, Intentional Focus.


Who Do We Exist For?
  • Steve Cook

    Just to let you know the links to the article “Who Is Your Primary Customer” and the other articles are broken.