They’ve got a great series going over at Church Marketing Sucks.  Don’t be fooled by the name.  We all need this information.  Lessons In Not Sucking is packed with great insights and ideas on how to improve your communication and creativity.  Today’s post is all about Knowing Your Audience.  We’ve talked quite a bit about knowing the mindset of your customer.  This is a great take with some really good action steps.  My favorite?

8. Observe their behavior.
This is the opposite of immersing yourself in what they do. Instead of
doing what they do, observe how they interact with what they do. See
what makes them cry, what makes them laugh. What scares them? What
moves them to action?

I think we all probably struggle here.  It is tough to really put ourselves in the shoes of our audience or our customer.  But without it…we’re never really going to reach them.

Be sure and check out the whole post.  Good stuff.

Who Is Your Audience? A Helpful Reminder