That is a good question.  Why do I blog?   I remember how I got into this blogging thing.  I somehow found out about Terry Storch’s blog.  Don’t remember how exactly…but he may have referred to it in a reply to an email that I sent him in early 2005.  I’d heard about blogs.  Wasn’t sure exactly what they were.  Looked at his (this was before he changed his style and it was much more like mine now).  Next, I checked out Xanga.  Even signed up for an account.  But quickly discovered that Xanga was for teens…not really what I was looking for (although Alex McManus was over there then).  Somehow found Typepad.  Much better.  Discovered Seth Godin and found Tom Peter’s Blog though Terry Storch.  Found Creating Passionate Users though Tom Peter’s blog.  It’s totally been a process.  End of the day I’ve been reading in the business world for 20 years and have always seen a tremendous corelation between books like In Search of Excellence, The Leadership Challenge and The Four Obsession of the Extraordinary Executive and what happens in ministry every day.  There’s so much to learn, so much to improve at, and so much that can be used to better the way we’re attacking the everyday objectives of what we’re trying to do!

So, why do I blog?  I blog because as I’m learning I see a chance to contribute to the journey’s of other fellow strugglers.  It’d be a shame to keep it to myself.  I totally find that what Peter Drucker has to say is so to the point!  And there’s so much in Jim Collins.

At the same time, sometimes I’m writing for me (to crystalize my own thinking) and sometimes I’m thinking about ways to increase the readership of my blog.  So when I saw what Seth had to say today, I’m reminded of the fact that I picked up 150+ pageviews by putting a trackback to his post yesterday about a cool video featuring Robert Scoble.  I loved the video!  Very cool to hear the Scobleizer.  Did I gain anything in permanent readership from the massive (for me) influx of hits on the blog?  Probably not.  Does it change my linking strategy?  No.  I’m still hooked on the kinds of things that Seth posts about and Scoble talks about.

Thanks for checking in with me!  And I hope you take a look at some of my other recent posts!


Why Do I Blog?
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    Link: Strategy Central: Why Do I Blog?. Great blog. Keep up the good posting. I’ll bookmark this one.