In life, there is not always a clear reason for WHY we do what we do.  There is a reason.  But it’s not always clear.  Take your worship service.  Take your music selection.  Take the topics you choose for the message or the way your programs are budgeted.  There is always a reason.  It’s not always clear.  And they don’t always make sense when taken together (the subject of another post).

I am convinced that without a clear understanding of the WHY it is virtually impossible for an organization (church or business) to truly succeed.  I love Tony Morgan’s brief summary of a recent session at Granger Community Church’s recent Innovative Church Conference.  Here’s the 10 second summary of why they do what they do at Granger (as it concerns their worship services): (1) It’s all about the weekend, (2) We believe we must speak the language of the people, and (3) We view the entire service as one package.  Click here to read his entire post.

Now, you have to know that Granger is very effectively succeeding at their mission.  They know what it is.  And they’ve designed what they’re doing to accomplish it.

The question is, how about you?  How are you doing at that very important task?


Why Do We Do What We Do?