Peter Drucker’s classic question, "What business are you in?" is a classic because it’s at the core of a fundamental understanding we all need to have about the "business" we are in.  Like the railroad industry of an earlier day not realizing that they’re actually in the transportation business, sometimes we can miss the reality of the business we are in.

That ever happen to you?  I think it has to many of the organizations I’ve been part of…sometimes without anyone knowing it.  How can you figure out what business you’re really in?  Asking "why customers buy your products or service can provide a more accurate and more expansive answer to the question, ‘What business are we in? (p. 32, The Innovator’s Guide to Growth).’"

Here’s the thing.  Whether that happens formally or informally, we’re kidding ourselves if we’re not really drilling down to figure out if people are buying what we sell for the reasons we think they are.

Why Do You Buy What We Sell (or make)?
  • Mark,
    Have you come across “BUYING IN: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are”, by Rob Walker.
    I’m about 50 pages from finishing it and it has stirred a lot of thoughts.
    You might find it helpful.
    Good post…always good to get a Drucker wisdom.
    Keep creating…a brand worth raving about,