You know, I don’t know Robert Scoble, but he sure seems like a decent guy.  There are more than a few of us who equate Microsoft with the darkside, and as an evangelist for MSFT you’d be tempted to put The Scobleizer there too, but when you check out his blog it really seems like he’s a good guy.

What is there to like about him?  There are a few good things, but one thing for sure is his passion for connecting with the end user.  Today’s post, This Is Not a Numbers Business, is a great example of his heart.  I particularly love this paragraph at the heart of his post:

"This is not a numbers business. It’s a people business. Are you available to share your business with people or are you hiding behind customer support walls, spreadsheets, or IT solutions to interacting with your customers? "

I’ve got to say, I love those words.  That is so much about the church.  It’s not about the size of what you’re doing.  It is about the relentless desire to help people.  All the IT in the world, unless it makes it possible to help more people, is just not the answer.

You’ll find a good video of Scoble in action here.


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