Ever found yourself in an un-winnable situation?  Maybe you’ve tried to succeed at something only to realize that the game was basically rigged and only the house could win…unless you changed the rules?


Without a doubt one of the most helpful and provocative books I’ve read in a very long time was Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win.  For me you can always tell how interesting it was based on the number of marked up pages.  Simply an amazing book.  If you haven’t read it, you have totally missed out on a great read.

The authors, Bill Taylor and Polly LaBarre have a blog that is the source of some great stuff as well. In an article earlier this week Taylor wrote about how Pixar had succeeded by "changing the game in their field."  While virtually everyone else in their industry works on a contract basis and changes fluidly changes projects and teams, the Pixar version: "a tightknit company of long-term collaborators who stick
together, learn from one another, and strive to improve with every

Now, that in itself is an important insight into our work…but that’s not really the point today.  The point here is that Pixar is winning by changing the game.

Got some areas where you’re just not able to win under the current rules?  You may need to change the game.  Want more?  You can order your copy of Mavericks at Work RIGHT HERE

Winning by Changing the Game