Sometimes we’re tempted to think that we can simply come up with a grand vision…and the rest will work itself out.  Develop a vision that is memorable, succinct and energizing to all…and it will drive you to the place you’re dreaming of going.  Only one problem.  Vision, getting to where you dream of going, really is in the details.

I loved Darren Collison’s comments after UCLA’s win over Pitt on Thursday.  "Wins are in the details," Collison said Friday. "If you have one
missed help assignment on defense, that can lead to a missed turnover
and that can be a missed basket and if you lose by two points you can
go back in the film and find one detail that made the difference."

Think Collison gets it?

Go Bruins!

Wins Are in the Details
  • I think Peter Senge would like to have young Mr. Collison on his team.
    Keep creating,