When you put together a new program or redesign an existing one, are your expectations connected to reality?  Or are they based on wishful thinking?

One of my favorite books over the last several years has been Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths And Total Nonsense by Jeffrey Pfeffer and Bob Sutton.  Really, really helpful stuff.  If you haven’t taken the time to digest it, you are really missing out on an important tool.  You may be able to see from the title that one of the key takeaways is that there is a lot going on that is not based on hard facts!

Need a "for instance"?  How about the situation where you come home from a conference all excited about a program you see someone else doing and decide to try it in your own place…only the building blocks that make their program work aren’t part of your reality.  Do you look the other way and go ahead with your plan?  Or do you take a step back and determine what must happen first, build the foundation, and then go forward?

Be really clear on this.  I’m not talking resignation.  I’m not proposing that we all throw in the towel.  I am suggesting that moving in the direction of dreams is hard work.  First understanding and clarifying the win.  Next building the foundation that will support the new direction.  Then launching the program that will result in a win…based on hard facts, not wishful thinking.

What wins around your place?  Wishful thinking?  Or reality?


Wishful Thinking and Reality