Ever wonder why your decisions keep producing outcomes that are less than what you hoped for?  Maybe it’s because the thinking that determines your decisions is not based on truth.  Maybe it’s only wishful thinking.  Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  And yet…many of us make decisions all day long that are based on assumptions that are just not correct. 

Some time back Andy Stanley talked about this concept in a message called "Breakaway."  Here’s what he said, "Your thinking determines your decisions and your decisions determine your outcomes."

Next time you find yourself standing amidst the debris field of a bad outcome, ask yourself: "What are the deeply held beliefs that led me to make the decisions that produced this outcome?"  That’s where you might find an adjustment to your thought process.

Your Thinking Determines Outcomes
  • “Your thinking determines your decisions and your decisions determine your outcomes.”
    Great quote…and so true!
    An example of this comes to mind.
    George Washington changed his thinking about what a successful engagement with the British looked like after the Battle of Brooklyn Heights mostly because people Nathaniel Greene urged him to.
    Had Washington not changed his thinking and his decisions we would all be speaking English today…well you know what I mean….grin.
    For more on what Washington changed his thinking to look up the Wikipedia article on “Fabian strategy”.
    You got me thinking of all kinds of examples like these now. Thanks!
    Keep creating…today’s piece of the masterpiece,

  • Thanks Mike! Yes! That is a great example. If only we could personally learn from history. Too often it’s our own beliefs that inform our decisions…and lead to bad outcomes…and then we blame the decisions without examining the thinking behind them.